Retail 2.0

It is a bit fascinating to think about all possibilities next generation of retail stores are facing. When blending the brick and mortar experience with mobile functionality and big data tools, some really exciting contextual and personalized concepts may appear.

Using technology as iBeacon, consumer engagement will be enhanced and real-time conversations between brands, retailers and consumers will start to happen. (iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple and built into its operating systems and iPhones since 2013. If you need further explanation of the iBeacon technology, check out this video.) According to the Washington Post, iBeachon may “change the world forever”. That may sound like a bit too much, but when businesses set up transmitters which can tell nearby smartphones of their presence, combining them with the right software, it opens up a massive number of possibilities. Shops could send customers special offers for goods they are walking past, deliver pre-ordered items for pickup the minute someone comes through the door or use personal shopping lists to remind consumers about crabs when they are standing at the fish counter, cinnamon buns at the bakery.

And think about all the other venues where the experience could include some more magic: theme parks, concert venues and stadiums, as well as restaurants.

As an additional opportunity, media companies can follow up the shopping experience with guides, interior design ideas, travel stories, food recipes, sports news etc with re-targeting at all these venues.